The CYRACO solution:

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The CYRACO solution utilizes machine learning and augmented reality (AR) to offer the simplest method for conducting remote audits—fast and in real time. The inspection takes place using an augmented reality app or smart glasses, with the auditor able to direct the process from the comfort of their office. To do this, the auditor guides an employee of the company to be tested, even if they are thousands of kilometers away. And, because the inspection is carried out in real time, it is possible to intervene at any time to look more closely at specific details or have these displayed.

The CYRACO solution — two options.

cyraco basic
cyraco advanced



cyraco basic diagram
cyraco advanced diagram

Our CYRACO solution:

Die Revolution

im Prüf-Business.

   CYRACO Advanced has it all:

  • Innovative Smart Glasses:
    By taking advantage of AR, auditors can carry out inspections at any time and from any distance, be it from other countries or from your office.
  • Perfect Connection
    5G connectivity guarantees the smooth and crystal clear video streaming you need to precisely assess conditions on-site.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    The AI we use is so good that it is able to professionally support the entire audit and inspection process, using specific pattern-recognition capabilities to automatically identify any discrepancies.
  • Audits on demand
    All inspections can be conducted immediately and without prior announcement.

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