The CYRACO solution:

Applicable worldwide,

managed locally.

The CYRACO solution utilizes machine learning and augmented reality (AR) to offer the simplest method for conducting remote audits—fast and in real time. The inspection takes place using an augmented reality app or smart glasses, with the auditor able to direct the process from the comfort of their office. To do this, the auditor guides an employee of the company to be tested, even if they are thousands of kilometers away. And, because the inspection is carried out in real time, it is possible to intervene at any time to look more closely at specific details or have these displayed.

The CYRACO platform offers two modules:



Phone and Glass Applications

We provide secure Android applications for both smartphones and smart glasses, allowing users to select the most apporpriate device depending on their requirements.

Automated Streaming and Recording

Inspections are automatically streamed and recorded in real-time, integrating all AR and AI information seamlessly within the platform and allowing auditors to control every aspect of the inspections remotely.

AR-based Indoor Navigation

Through Augmented Reality technology, we are able to track in real-time the position of the user without GPS, allowing our platform to provide indoor navigation routes with their corresponding itineraries.

Real-Time AR/AI interactivity

In addition to indoor navigation, we offer a wide range of AR and AI features that allow inspectors to interact remotely with the local user over the streaming session. These features include real-time 3D guidance, 3D object tagging, 3D measurements, OCR, AI-based object detections or AI-based gesture detection.

Dynamic Checklists

We provide a wide range of checklist templates and allow our customers to create their own set of requirement checklist to be implemented during the inspection process.

Automated Incident Detection

We provide object detection AI models that allow our application to automatically detect potential incidents over the course of the inspection using the data from the streaming session.

Automated Reporting and Documentation

Every aspect of the inspection, from the streaming video itself, to all detected AR and AI artifacts, is recorded and automatically stored into the database, allowing the platform to automatically create all necessary reporting and documentation without any human interaction.

Continuous AI-integrated Streaming

Our platform allows users to create AI-monitored streaming channels at will, automatically detecting any potential quality, safety or performance incident in real-time at any remote location.

Customizable AI detection models

On top of the wide selection of built-in incident detection models provided by default in our platform, we also allow our customers to create their own AI models that will automatically detect any potential incident according to their own standards and requirements.

Real-time incident detection

Any detected incidents are automatically recorded and notified via our platform in real-time, allowing the users to create their own notification rules and customize their AI reporting.

Fully remotely operated

The platform does not require any manual and time-consuming interaction in the remote locations. Everything can be managed directly from the web application, from the creation of the AI models to the creation of the streaming channels.

Customizable IoT Sensors

In addition to the visually-based AI detections and monitoring, we also provide an option to integrate a custom IoT monitoring box with a large range of sensors in order to detect additional incidents (e.g. particle, noise, temperature)

Secure storage

All data is securely stored according to the strictest data protection regulations (GDPR). All equipment is also secured via multiple sensor-based alert systems.

Modular, Flexible and Scalable

Extremely fast installation and setup. CYRACO offers the possibility to add new AI models and streaming channels, as well as to reuse existing equipment and AI models in an unlimited number of remote locations.

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